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Tagore’s First Love

Annapurna Turkhud came to Tagore’s life with a waft of youthful exuberance which created a flutter in the young poets’ heart. Krishna Kripalani in his

The Re. 1 Meal Man: Lets Make Him Famous

At first look Sri AMV Homely Mess located close to the Erode General Hospital (Erode is a town located in Tamilnadu) does not have

Govind Jaiswal : Rickshaw Pullers Son Makes it to the Indian Administrative Service

Story of how the son of a rickshaw puller made it to the elite Indian Administrative Service

The Ghost Villages of Uttarakhand

The mountain state of Uttarakhand in India is facing a phenomenon of abandoned villages, the problem is becoming increasingly acute. A story of such

Hindi Cinema’s Fallen Stars

This is the story of film stars who suddenly become dismal flops and remain forgotten destined to the fringes of the film industry, living

Dashrath Majhi: Moving a Mountain to Pave a Road

This is the incredible story of Dashrath Majhi who single handedly chiseled a hill for twenty two years to open up a road

House of Henry Derozio: The Man Who Taught Indians to Ask the Question “WHY”

The house of Henry Vivian Derozio was identified by chance when Shri SHakti Sadan Mukherjee was looking through the title deeds of Calcutta Municipal

Suhasini Biswas: A Prisoner of War in Conversation with Tagore

This is a story of how Tagore's Gitanjali helped an Indian woman PoW in World War II to survive the ordeals of detention

Thank God there are absent minded Professors

An absent minded professor is nerdy, unkempt and rather messy and a butt of jokes in comic strips and movies. But thankfully for us

A Dinosaur named Tagore

The ISI geologists in 1961 excavated a dinosaur skeleton which they christened Barapasaurus tagorei after Rabindranath Tagore

Dear Dr Raghuram Rajan

A Ten Year Old Girl Writes a Letter to the RBI Governor and gets back a reply

Battle of Plassey: God Fought for Great Britain

Battle of Plassey paved the way for British entry into India. Indian side just ran out of luck. Almost everything went wrong on that