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“I will fight till the last man”: Major Somnath Sharma, First Param Vir Chakra Winner

The wireless crackled at the Headquarter of 161 Brigade, tasked to protect the Kashmir valley against the Pakistan infiltration in 1947. Amidst the rattle

Pilgrim’s Voyage: Calling on Rammohan Roy at Bristol

Editor’s Note: Why would one drive a 100 miles and risk missing a flight back home just to see a statue of a man

Thank God there are absent minded Professors

An absent minded professor is nerdy, unkempt and rather messy and a butt of jokes in comic strips and movies. But thankfully for us

The Scientist Who Surprised a Bank Manager

  In August, 2012, Dr. Sumathi Rao, wife of Dr. Ashoke Sen, a theoretical physicist,  got a franatic call from a startled bank manager