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Making A Capital Investment : How The British Created New Delhi

Back in 2013, the then Delhi Government had given a new tagline for Delhi - Dildaar Delhi (magnanimous Delhi). It was quite apt,  for

Hazra Park Durga Puja : All Men Are Created Equal

Amidst the pomp and splendor of various Durga Puja pandals in Kolkata, one Puja stands tall. It stands apart not because it is backed

Holding On : The Anglo Indian Settlement in McCluskiegunj

About seventy years ago in early 1930s Anglo Indians started a unique colony in the jungles of Chottanagpur

Alexander’s Lost Army : The Brokpa Community of Ladakh

Editors Note: For them ethnicity defines status. They claim to be of pure Aryan stock and myth has it that they trace their genetic

The Too Few People. The Jew Community of Kolkata

In a city teeming with 4.5 million people lives a community comprising of just 20 members. They are too few to be considered a