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Duel Avenue: Here Was Fought A Duel Which Changed Modern Indian History

About 230 years ago in Calcutta, a duel was fought which could have changed the history of modern India. Fighting the duel were two

Madhumala Chattopadhyay: An Anthropologist’s Moment of Truth

This is the story of how Dr. Madhumala Chattopadhyay and team made the first ever friendly contact with the hostile Sentinelese tribe of the

Supriya Saha: India Has A New Olympic Champion

At around 1.30 am, 6 August 2015, the Dragon Air flight no 269 enroute from Hongkong made preparation to land at the Netaji Subhash

When Government Performs, Should We Not Applaud

Editor’s Note: The flash floods in the hill state of Uttarakhand in 2013 claimed more than 5000 lives and left thousands stranded. There were

Bold Gesture of a Pakistani Pilot: “I wished that I would return without firing a shot”

A Pakistan Air Force pilot has sent a condolence message to the daughter of the pilot of the Indian aircraft he downed.

The Ghost Villages of Uttarakhand

The mountain state of Uttarakhand in India is facing a phenomenon of abandoned villages, the problem is becoming increasingly acute. A story of such

The Calcutta Double Decker

Editor’s Note: Prof Aloke Kumar is someone whom I hold in awe. I have been enjoying his excellent writings on Facebook posts. And each

Battle of Plassey: God Fought for Great Britain

Battle of Plassey paved the way for British entry into India. Indian side just ran out of luck. Almost everything went wrong on that

India’s Lagaan Moment: First Indian Test Cricket Team

  Bhuvan was captain CK Naidu,Bhura was the paceman Mohammad Nissar, Ishwar was the wicketkeeper Janardhan Navle, Deva the all‐rounder Amar Singh.The dusty grounds

Indian Soldiers who Made Their Last Battle Cry at Papua and New Guinea

Editor’s Note: About 7600 kms from homeland in a cluster of Islands called  Papua and New Guinea, off the coat of Australia, a handful

Faridabad: A Woman’s Vision to Build a City

Faridabad nestled within the National Capital Territory of Delhi is an unique experiment in township building never before attempted or ever later replicated in

A Train Journey and Two Gentlemen

What transpired when two men shared their railway coupé with two young lady Indian Railway Service probationers twenty four years ago.