Poetry: So How Long Has it Been

Illustration by Rani Bhowani (Founder, The Treasures of Innocence) www.facebook.com/MyTreasuresOfInnocence

So How Long Has it Been
By Gopali Chakraborty Ghosh

So how long has it been
Since we last met?
Give or take it’s been thirty years or so I think.
You wear glasses now and grey has invaded your hair and mine.
I am now the Auntyjee I once swore at eighteen, never to become :
crepe de Chines and mikimoto pearls:
And you ?
Are you still in those faded blue Levi’s and a white shirt
Or has corporate Armani taken you over?
Sometimes I think how different life might have been had I taken the
Fork in the road
Which went your way.
Sometimes I see us:
She is nineteen and he is slightly older
Talking animatedly over a shared coffee
They turn to look at me and we exchange smiles.
What happened, I think, to all those dreams we dreamed together?
Or did I just imagine those?
Perhaps one day, we’ll meet
Eyes across a crowded room.
Polite smiles and a “you look well”
And you will go your way and I will go mine;
And when home, I will whisper softly into the night
“I love you ”
And you will hear it’s echo As sleep claims you …,..

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