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Editor’s Note: It is indeed a privilege for us that one of India’s most celebrated quiz master agreed to be published in probashionline.com. We found him to be a very magnanimous human being. On a quiz show however  he is a tough quiz master.

Bees after ants are the most busiest insects on earth. They are busy collecting honey and wish to be left alone at what they do, neither do they bother anyone. Only when someone breaks their hive, do they hit back. The bee well symbolizes the theme of the poem- Respect My Choice, I do Yours. This picture is of a tree in McCluskiegunj ( the Anglo Indian Colony in Jharkhand) that is known for extraordinarily large number of bee hives on it. Year by year the number of hives are increasing. Every morning the bees leave their hives and venture into the jungles to collect nectar. There are over a hundred varieties of wild flowers of many sizes here. In the evenings when these bees return, the sound produced by them is like a helicopter hovering over the area and can be heard from as far as a km. This photo was clicked by Malcolm Hourigan . We are grateful to Malcolm for giving us permission to publish this photograph.

by Barry O’Brien

Don’t eat what I eat
Don’t drink what I drink
Don’t pray where I pray
But here’s what I say…
Respect My Choice….I Do Yours!

Don’t speak what I speak
Don’t hear what I hear
Don’t sing what I sing
But here’s the thing….
Respect My Choice….I Do Yours!

Don’t wear what I wear
Don’t vote whom I vote
Don’t say what I say
But here’s what will pay…
Respect My Choice….I Do Yours!

Don’t write what I read
Don’t read what I write
Don’t fear what I fear
But this you must hear…
Respect My Choice….I Do Yours!

Don’t share my sexuality,
Or my views on Net Neutrality!
Don’t change, if I choose to,
For I am me, and you are you!
It’s time to think, it’s time to pause,
Respect My Choice….I Do Yours!

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