Dear Dr Raghuram Rajan

A Ten Year Old Girl Writes a Letter to the RBI Governor and gets back a reply

I Do Yours

Editor’s Note: It is indeed a privilege for us that one of India’s most celebrated quiz master agreed to be published in We

Rao Tula Ram: Subhash Chandra Bose from Haryana

There is uncanny similarity between Rao Tula Ram, the hero of Haryana and Subhash Chandra Bose, read on and be amazed

Barun Biswas: A Martyr India Knew Too Late

This is the story of Barun Biswas , a school teacher, who single handedly taught a whole town to oppose gang rapists

The Calcutta Double Decker

Editor’s Note: Prof Aloke Kumar is someone whom I hold in awe. I have been enjoying his excellent writings on Facebook posts. And each

Short Story : Waiting for You

  Mita’s life had always been tedious and bland. Her days were occupied with household chores and her work. The youngest child of the

Interview :Lt. Mamata B Mehta of the INA- One of Netaji’s Jhansi Ki Rani

  Editors Note: It is not every day that you meet a freedom fighter. It is rare to meet someone who took up arms

Battle of Plassey: God Fought for Great Britain

Battle of Plassey paved the way for British entry into India. Indian side just ran out of luck. Almost everything went wrong on that

Pulling off the Impossible: Making of Pather Panchali

The story of making of Pather Panchali, one of world’s cinema's masterpieces is itself a story which can well become a film script. A

Reason Across the Enemy Line: Vikarna, the Unheralded Hero of Mahabharata

  It is seldom that one hears a voice of reason from enemy lines. One such rare personality was Vikarna, the younger brother of

আত্মজীবনী এবং বসন্ত কাল

আত্মজীবনী এবং বসন্ত কাল এবার বুকে আগুন রেখে দিলাম, এখন থেকে জীবন সুরু হোক. তোমার দু হাত আমার হাতে নিলাম, তোমার দু চোখ আলোর

Extraordinary Professor: JJ Thomson and his Nobel Prize Factory

Editor’s Note: Between 1884 and 1919 an earnest looking Professor along with a bunch of talented research students in a rather underfunded Cavendish laboratory