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Cause for Applause: German Professor Delivers A Keynote Address in Chaste Bangla

The video features Prof Hans Harder delivering in fluent Bengali the keynote address at the inauguration of Book Fair in Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2015.

Munshi Premchand Fights Back from Oblivion in Howrah, West Bengal

At a house in a small residential lane in Howrah near Kolkata, Munshi Premchand is remembered and revered. And leading this is a couple

Male Bastion Falls : Woman Wins the Fields Medal

The Fields Medal is often described as the “Nobel Prize in Mathematics” . Since its inception in 1936, not a single woman mathematician has

Holding On : The Anglo Indian Settlement in McCluskiegunj

About seventy years ago in early 1930s Anglo Indians started a unique colony in the jungles of Chottanagpur

Small Numbers Big Dreams : Toto from West Bengal

Toto tribe is only found in a tiny enclave called Totopara ,West Bengal. The clock is ticking on its extinction, but the community is